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Is the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime the Best Phone under 10,000 THB?

Samsung Galaxy J7 Review

With the release of phones such as Tabs, Galaxy S8 and other budget smartphones in recent years, Samsung has been on a releasing spree. One of their new smartphones is the Samsung Galaxy J7. Priced at approximately 7,500THB, Samsung Galaxy J7 is a bigger and more powerful entry-level phone. Boasting of a good processor, an Android software, and very attractive display, this phone also comes with the features associated with mid-range phones. If you are looking for a stable phone that won’t break the bank then it’s a very good option. So, should you buy this phone? Here are some of its features, pros, and cons.



The moment you lay your hands on this phone, you will be amazed at how premium it feels. Its back has a metal design and asymmetrical antenna lines at the top and the bottom. As compared to other phones made of glass, it does not look greasy. This is because it’s made of metal. It’s, therefore, among the most well-built entry-level phones in the market today. With a 5.5 inch Full HD screen, it’s very easy to hold. Apart from these, its battery is not replaceable, it has high-quality volume rockers and a good tactile feedback. It also comes with a microSD slot which is very important especially if you have only 16GB storage capacity. It’s relatively build to allow for an easy grip. This is why it's the best budget phone in Thailand.

As compared to other phones, this phone seems to be very stable hence does not warp even when there is great pressure. You will notice that transitions between materials are clearly visible and there are hardly any creaking. Unfortunately, the card trays and covers are made of plastics which might, later on, change colors if not well taken care of. However, at the time of purchase, the colors are identical.


When it is in a good working condition, you can take beautiful pictures with its 13-megapixel rear camera. However, when the light is a bit bright the highlights will be blown and several details missed in dark spots. While indoor colors are accurately portrayed, outside colors like greens and reds have a tendency of taking over. Its 5-megapixel front camera is capable of taking very crisp shots. When the lighting conditions are good, you can take some very good pictures. This actually makes it the best budget phone in Thailand.


Its bottom edge still has a Micro USB port meaning the manufacturer is yet to change to the new Type C build for the new entry phones. Although this port does not support video output, it supports OTG hence the extra storage devices and the peripheral devices can be connected. Although customers would have wished that the audio jack be located at the top, it’s located at the bottom. As the best phone under 10,000 baht, this phone can use Duo sim cards simultaneously. Its microSD slot also supports the SDXC and all other usual storage mediums. Although you cannot be able to format its internal storage, it’s possible to save larger files in inside the optional microSD.


The Galaxy J7 has an Android Nougat. To make it even better, it has the same version of experience UX. This means that this phone has some very cool features such as a theme store meant for changing the software look. Other features such as Blue Light Filter, Secure Folder, and Samsung Pass also comes in handy. One of the best features that it has is an iteration known as Always On Display. This means that when you put it on the table, it displays your recent messages and clock. Because of its super Amoled display, using this features only takes a small percentage of your battery. The software does not come with any bugs. You will easily notice this while testing it for the first time. Because it will receive at least one major update, it can be considered as a very good phone. With this phone, you can say goodbye to the times of bad software on Samsung phones. As compared to the company’s flagship, there is a huge feature disparity.

Audio quality

Generally, some Samsung phones come fitted with a speaker at the sides. According to the company, this makes it hard to block the speaker with your hand. Although the sound quality lacks low frequencies, it’s quite balanced. Although it’s normal to produce a bass, you require dual speakers or a bigger speaker that Samsung is not currently providing. However, since the earbuds sound cheap, you need to save some money and buy quality headphones. While the company will not include the phones that come with Galaxy S8, it’s expected that they will up their games. this means that in the near future they will have to manufcature phones with the best head phones.


It has a 3GB RAM and an octa-core Exynos 7870 processor which is not very strong. It also explains why when you are playing games, its frame rate drops very fast. However, due to its 3GB memory, you can smoothly browse with several tables open. This also allows for easy switching between applications. When it’s under heavy workload or updating applications, it might feel very slow and sluggish. If you enjoy a fast smooth performance then Galaxy J7 might annoy you. When it comes to this, this phone will not fail you.


The Samsung Galaxy J7 has 5.5-inch Amoled screen with a resolution of 1920 ×108. It, therefore, gives you a pixel density of 401 pixels per inch resulting in a screen that’s suitable for an average user. Its PenTile subpixel layout also implies that it’s not as sharp as other full HD displays. However, you will find that its screen is sharp enough for most users. Just like on most Samsung displays, its colors look very vivid. Its super Amoled display also gives it an infinite contrast. Moreover, its screen is readable in direct sunlight and viewing angles are quite good. If you are looking for the best screen then this is one of the reasons why you should buy this phone.

Battery life

One of the main reasons why you should invest in this phone is its battery life. Its combination of 3,600 mAh battery and modest hardware can give you two days of battery life. If you are a power user then you should be able to use it for a full day. Since its battery has a great endurance, there is absolutely no reason for having a replaceable battery. At the bottom of the phone, there is a mircoUSB port used for charging. Although it does not support a faster charging this is not expected and is not even needed in the kind of endurance that it offers.

Fingerprint reader

This is perhaps the first time that the company has brought about fingerprint scanners in the J series. Located at the home button, this fingerprint scanner can be used to open a secure folder, unlock the device, and login in the websites in the phone's browser. Since this scanner is always on, you don’t have to push the home button in order to unlock your phone. According to users, this scanner is both fast and reliable hence unlocking the phones takes a very short time.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pros and Cons


Great battery life- One of the driving forces of a good phone is the battery life and Samsung Galaxy J7 does not fail in this. Its 3300 mAh battery is built in such a way that you can comfortably use it throughout the day. To make it better, if you are a casual user you can even use it more. This can be attributed to it’s build in battery optimization features that make it one of the best phones. Similar to most Samsung devices, it has two power saving modes namely min and max. When you are low on battery it also has the smart glow strip to alert you.

Ideal processor- Although it’s powered by the MediaTek octa-core processor, it can carry out any task without any problem. Even when you are in a deep gaming session, you won’t find it stalling or heating up like other devices which are in the same price bracket. If you have had it for some time, you might have realized that it doesn’t have any jitters, irregular heating or lags.

Social camera- As compared to other phones, this is the first phone in the industry to have a social camera. With this feature, you can comfortably share pictures with your family, friends and other contacts with just the click of the button. It also has a 13-megapixel camera and an aperture of f/1.7 that produces great pictures with good color reproductions and detailing. To spice up your selfies, it has a nice set of a sticker. More so, the location of the camera is quite ideal. Once you turn it on you will be able to see all the interesting places nearby whether it’s for eating, cycling, or shopping.

Upgraded software- This galaxy J7 is one the first phones to have launched the Android Nougat. With this feature, you can easily pull off the tricks that Nougat is popular for. Whether it’s customizing the quick settings or the notification control you can do all these. With the upgrade version, you will be able to get a very comprehensive platform.

Slot for micro SD- Since it has a dedicated slot for microSD you can easily use your sim card and the mircoSD at the same time. It also has a maximum support for USB OTG hence you can use your microSD or an external drive by using an extender.


It doesn’t have USB Type-C- Since the tech world is currently moving very fast, phones that are still using USB Type C 2.0 are frowned upon. Unfortunately, this amazing smartphone is still stuck in using USB cables.

It doesn’t have a fast or quick charging- Although it has a superb battery. Its only problem is the speed at which it charges. It does not support either a fast charge or a quick charge. This means, if you are in a hurry, it’s not the most suitable phone because you will have to dedicate at least 2 hours to be able to reach at least 70% of the charge.

No NFC- One important feature that’s missing in this phone is the Near Field Communication NFC. This means you will not be able to use it to beam pictures and files. This also means that you will be unable to utilize the power of its useful NFC tags.

No glass protection- Since this phone doesn’t pack in Corning Gorilla Glass, you might want to wrap it up in a tempered glass or sturdy case in order to protect it against drops or any accidental falls.

No capacitive backlight buttons- Capacitive backlight buttons is also another missing feature in this phone. For a phone priced at over $2000, the absence of this feature is a huge disadvantage.

Its camera cannot record videos in 4k resolutions- Its video cannot be able to record a video in slow motion or 4k resolution. It’s, therefore, a waste of power for the kind of processor that t has.


Overall this phone comes with a good design, an excellent battery life, and super Amoled display. Since its rear camera may underperform its performance is not very good making it not suitable for individuals who take several pictures while expecting high-quality images. Its features such as expandable storage, fingerprint scanner, and the latest software make it ideal for those who don’t perform Intensive tasks or play games regularly. For only $230 the Samsung Galaxy is a very stable phone that’s only held back by a lackluster call quality and mixed camera performance. Thanks to its more powerful processor and dual band Wi-Fi, it’s a much better buy as compared to other phones. It’s, therefore, an amazing phone with great battery life an HD camera with cool features and a new software version. With J7 phone, Samsung has actually done a very great job. If you appreciate a beautiful screen, good quality build and battery that lasts then this Samsung Galaxy J7 is the ideal phone for you. It has so many improvements that you will find very appealing. Try it out today and enjoy its features.