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Website Hosting in Thailand for Noobs!

Web hosting is basically a service that provides the company as well as the individual with a platform to post a web page or website on the internet. A web hosting service provider or web host is a business that offers the services and technology that needed for the web page or website to get viewed on the internet. Web sites are stored and hosted on a special computer known as servers. When the users want to visit the website, they just need to type the website address into their respective browsers and they will be directed there. Then your computer will be connected to the server and the web page will be displayed to them via a browser.

Generally hosting companies need you to have your own domain to host. If you don’t have one then you can purchase one with the help of the hosting companies.

Types of Web Hosting-

There are different types of web hosting that caters to the different needs of the website. Here are some of the important web hosting types-

• Shared hosting-

As the name suggests shared hosting is, well; shared. The company hosts your website on servers which another website share with you. People ask for this kind of the website because of the shared cost. However, the disadvantage with shared hosting is that your website’s performance can be adversely affected by a website that is very popular. Generally, people launch a business online they opt for shared hosting to lower their cost.

• Cloud-Based Web Hosting:

Cloud-based web hosting is relatively a new technology that allows many single servers works with each other as one huge server. The main idea behind this is that as the hosting need of people is growing, the hosting company can just add hardware to make the cloud even larger. 

The benefit of cloud-based web hosting is that even if your website gets huge traffic, the server is efficiently able to maintain the traffic surge instead of putting down the website.

• Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller web hosting is generally a shared hosting account that comes with additional tools in order to help you resell the hosting space. Reseller packages feature greater control over the technicality through the Web Host Manager (WHM) control panel and billing software to help the website make an invoice of the clients and other perks.

• Virtual Private Server:

Virtual Private Servers share your one physical server, however, acts like multiple or separate servers. A VPS is a platform to bridge the gap between shared hosting and having a dedicated machine for your own. While the VPS share hardware resources, they are located at a completely dedicated section of the computer resources.

• Dedicated Web Server:

When you are using a dedicated server, it means you have a rented physical server from a hosting company. You also get full control of the website if you want. Using a dedicated server, the user doesn't have to fuss about the other websites like you would do when you are on a shared server. Your resources will not be shared or your website will not be slowing down on the other server.

A dedicated server is a top server that you would need to grow your business online.

Best web hosting companies in Thailand

The good hosting company provides web hosting service with high quality. While there are many companies out there that claims to provide best web hosting services, you need to do your part of research to decide which companies is actually the best.

1. Hostneverdie

Hostneverdie is one of the leading hosting companies in Bangkok which was established in the year 2009. They aim at providing quality hosting services at the most cost-effective ranges. Services starting from VPS to various other services such as dedicated server and shared hosting; the quality of each of their services is superior. In fact, they are popular for providing great services at affordable price.

Performance and Reliability

The company largely focus on providing reliable service to the customer and offer speed of access. The internet datacentre is considered as one of the most popular centers in Thailand. This is the reason why their web hosting provides higher speed lines and best network. Their datacentre offers excellent network security. In turn, this provides immediate CMS installation accompanied with an ever package of hosting. Along with that, the company also claims 99.9% high uptime.

Hostneverdie has also offered high security and efficient as its hosting performance is from Dell. Featuring ECC RAM and Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor it provides exceptional network and speed. Plus, the company also offers 1GBPS direct ISP connection and network.

Pricing and Plan

Webhost, the most popular hosting service provider of Thailand. Whether RAM, hard disk, or CPU, they deliver their every service with utmost efficiency. All their hosting plans are cost-effective and rich in features. The web control panel of Hostneverdie is easy-to-use as well as flexible.

Feature of HostNeverDie

Hosting services provided by the company offers exceptionally speedy wind strength. They also use Cisco’s quality web host stable. And have auto installer CMS. Their customers are offered unlimited POP3 email accounts paired with SMTP AutoResponders. Their state-of-the-art serve hardware features Enterprise drives, Cisco UCS servers, DDR3 ECC RAM, etc.

Their quick control panel is also great. It features portals, shopping carts, forums, form email, wiki, calendar, etc. You also get password protected directories, as well as a web-based file manager, are also featured in their control panel.

2. Multiple Cloud:

Multiple Cloud was established in the year of 2009 to offer different SEO hosting. The working of Multiple Cloud goes a bit differently than other web hosting companies when it comes to creating a plan for you. The objective of this company is to offer GEO location concept along with A Class IP. With every IP address, the company gives its clients a new A-Class IP in different locations. This is another web hosting company that offers absolutely exception services at the most cost-effective.

Features Offered by Multiple Cloud

• Customized Nameservers:

There will be no footprints to your server as each IP comes with its customized. Additionally, the domain which is used for the server name is registered under different identity or combined with private server name which is already registered.

• Unique Ip:

They IPs that Multiple Cloud offers has unique ownership. This way your private blog network will not be able to track through IP address. They offer great diversity to your private blog network.

• Provide GEO Locations:

The clients are allowed to select their location while creating the accounts with the help of effective dashboard system, which enables the client to remove the unrequired account and get new server location anytime they want.

• Automated CMS installation:

They have a centralized dashboard which enables the client to manage creation and removal account with CMS including Drupal, WordPress, SMF, Joomla, Pligg etc. all in a single dashboard. And you don’t need to login to each account separately.

3. MVM InfoTech:

MVM InfoTech is one of the best web hosting in Thailand that deals in e-Business Solutions Company which is established in Bangkok. It was established in the year 2007.

• Domain as well as Hosting Management-

They offer reliable web hosting and domain registration which is very important for growing your business online. A web hosting helps you offer the best hosting services to the customer. MVM help their customer access different elements of the website at any time you want.

• Server Management-

They are the reliable server management company that focuses on what you need the best and helps you grow the business on the internet. With them, you don’t have to worry about being up-to-date with the modern trends that come in the technology. As of your security issues, you don’t have to worry about anything, because every need of your business is satisfied.

4. VhostWeb:

V Host Web Co. Ltd. Was first established in the year 2001 and have fully experienced servers, programmers, and network. The main aim is to create an effective web hosting company along with the standard service of Thailand. V Host Web Co. Ltd is dedicated to improving the services of web hosting to further enhance the experience of their clients.

Currently, they provide web hosting services to more than 100 clients and it keeps growing increasingly. From registering a domain name, shared hosting, email, dedicated hosting, reselling hosting, they offer everything that you are looking for. They have different pricing plans that offer different businesses having different budget benefit from their website.

Features of the VhostWeb:

• VhostWeb offer supports MySQL, PHP, ASP.NET, ASP, MSSQL, Node.js, Python, Ruby, etc.

• Works well with Drupal, WordPress, phpBB, Joomla, Magneto, etc.

• The service they provide user-friendly Plesk control panel system. This helps you manage your website and email efficiently

• They offer email services featuring anti-virus and spam filtering on the Mobile and PC through WebMail.

• It also provides daily backup system via Firewall system for system protection.

5. Polar Web Application Co.

Polar Web Application company is one of the fastest web hosting company in Thailand which was established in the year 2001. The offer an array of services to grow your business online. Their service is specialized in web hosting. With the experience of over 15 years, they offer top cloud server.

Features of the company:

• Business server web hosting:

Currently, the company is one of the fastest growing web hosting company in Thailand. There are more than 5,000 individual as well as business clients. Their hosting services are known for superior quality. Their services are up-to-date with guaranteed protection. Their different packages and pricing help the businesses decide the best package from the given option.

Their web hosting services include:

- Linux hosting

- Windows hosting

- Hosting for WordPress

- Hosting management system

- Renew Hosting

6. Proactive Hosting Solutions

Proactive Hosting Solutions are a web hosting as well as digital marketing company situated in Pattaya and Manila. They have clients spread across all Thailand including Koh Samui, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, etc. they realize who important online marketing is for a business today thus they offer the best web hosting to streamline your business globally.

They offer an array of service to their clients that include web design, SEO, email marketing, social media, site management, web hosting etc. They also offer web hosting, email hosting, domain name registration, website transfers, etc. to cater different client requirements. The company was established in the year 2014. They offer complete manage and fully support the different hosting services.

7. Jaidee Hosting:

The server provided at Jaidee hosting is of Dell PowerEdge R410 Server DELL server, high-performance DELL server. They carefully select their server to meet the needs of the customers. Their server is situated at the CAT which is connected to the Internet Backbone paired up with 18Gbps. They have over 45,000 web hosting services that which they effectively distribute among their customer. they serve some of the leading companies in the business such as The Nest Condominium, Thai Air Asia, The Inter restaurant, etc. they have been in the business for over 11 years and they are known to provide the best web hosting services to their customers.

So these were some of the best and the fastest web hosting company in Thailand. You have your options to evaluate and further decide which one of the best one for your business.

One another area where an individual or business get stuck is to determine the element that goes into deciding the best web hosting services for you. here are some factors you need to consider while deciding the web hosting service-

• Know the need for web hosting-

If you want to know what web hosting you want then you need to know your need of it. So before you decide the company you need to figure out what you want to do with it.

• If this is your first time-

For people who are completely new at this, they should definitely go for shared hosting. This is because you know in the initial stages you would be getting much traffic so with shared hosting you will be reducing your cost. Along with that, you can also move towards VPS or dedicated hosting once you have established your business further.

Bitcoining in Thailand

Bitcoin is exploding all over Thailand and is quickly a
foothold in international economic flow and function. The primary concept
behind bitcoin is that transactions are able to be completed securely and
anonymously. The process is largely unregulated and has no ties to a specific
government or agency. As a bitcoin user, you can enjoy direct financial
connections to a client without having to work through a bank.

Being a bitcoin user allows you to quickly and easily make purchases,
transfer money between accounts, and make money through buying and selling a bit
coins in a market with other users.

Bitcoin transactions are secured and recorded through a
public transaction ledger called a blockchain. The blockchain is monitored by
a series of networked software applications which verify all transactions to
protect against fraud and user exposure.

The reason this is becoming so popular in Thailand is due to
of the opportunity to mine bitcoins. Mining is the process by which users
validate and secure the blockchain. Miners are individuals or groups, and the
process allows users to get involved in the release of available bitcoins, and
earn a few coins along the way.

How to acquire Bitcoins

The bitcoin system works through using normal funds, Thai
baht, to purchase a certain quantity of currency. The current exchange rate
value is roughly 130,000 THB to 1 BTC. Much like conventional currency
exchanges, users go through bitcoin exchange services to complete secure
transactions and build their bitcoin wallet.

Another method of procuring bitcoins is to get involved
bitcoin mining. Mining is like working by a commission to earn a bitcoin
paycheck. Miners use specialized software and hardware to solve complex
mathematical equations. When a problem is solved the user is given bitcoins in
exchange for the answer.

What you are “mining” are transaction blocks within the blockchain. The math performed is designed to verify and secure all network
transactions. When transactions are verified more bitcoins are made available
to users. The more effectively and efficiently you are able to mine, the more
bitcoin you can acquire.

Bitcoin is a limited supply currency so that efficiency is
important because only a certain number of bitcoin are released daily. In
order to control the bitcoin flow, miners are paid a fee per mined block and
then given a subsidy of each uncovered coin.

Buying bitcoins in Thailand

The easiest way to purchase bitcoin is through the official
bitcoin website On
the website, you simply decide how much bitcoin you want and transfer funds via
bank transfer, ATM transfer, or cash deposit. After the transfer is complete you
upload the confirmation receipt to your bitcoin account and the coins are
released to you the same day.

As part of the mining process, described above, all
transactions are verified. When purchasing bitcoin, the transactions are
verified by a real person. This verification process is the reason why there is
up to a twenty-four-hour delay for the reception of your bitcoin. The process
of verification goes through six confirmations to give further assurance of the
safety of each transaction.

Bitcoin wallet Thailand

To get started with bitcoin you need to have a bitcoin
wallet. Wallets are created and managed through either mobile apps or desktop
programs. Wallet applications are programmed to work within the complex blockchain system in a seamless and user-friendly manner.

Wallets work by establishing independent addresses for your
balances and transactions. Addresses are required to conduct transactions, and
the wallet creates the virtual addresses to protect your identity within
bitcoin. A simple way to envision this is that each bitcoin address is like email.
You give out an address to a friend, customer, client, etc. this address is
used as the pivot point for all information exchanged between both sides of the
equation. With a wallet, you can create unlimited addresses, and assign bitcoin
to each address. This allows you to be more secure, and have easier control
over your balances. After an address is used, it is removed from the account
removing the link back to you.

Is bitcoin legal in Thailand?

One of the first
questions to pop up when discussing bitcoin is, “is it even legal?”
Understandably, the concept of having completely decentralized and unregulated
financial system seems fishy and completely illegitimate. However, the system
is completely legal. Since bitcoin relies on a trade of good, bitcoin, and not
actual currency there is currently no law that prohibits its use.

This all hinges on what you are using the bitcoin for,
however. Governments still have laws that govern how goods and services are
exchanged and disseminated. If you are using bitcoin to acquire illegal goods
and services than it is just as illegal as if you were using any currency.
Bitcoin’s network may be built on an untraceable system to protect your
identity, but you should still avoid using it to participate in immoral or
illegal activities.

What to spend Bitcoins on

Once you have set up your account and set up your digital
wallet, bitcoin becomes like using a credit or debit card. You can use it
wherever and whenever you want to depend on if who you want to buy accepts the

At the onset of bitcoin finding retailers that accepted the
currency were scattered and few, but as the legitimacy has gained ground more
retailers are accepting bitcoin in exchange for goods and services. While it
remains a largely internet-based currency, more physical stores are accepting
bitcoin as payment for hard goods and services. There is even a trend of users
exchanging gift cards to non-accepting companies for bitcoins. This option opens
up the possibility for almost limitless available use of bitcoins across the

Using bitcoin in a traditional economic transaction is made
easier and more possible through bitcoin debit cards. These cards work similar
to a regular debit or credit card, except they are funded by your bitcoin
wallet instead on a normal bank account. Users can get a card that is backed by
Visa, and is usable almost anywhere debit cards are accepted. Fees are
associated with using the debit card and will vary depending on the card you
select. This is similar to most banks and credit card processing companies.
Make sure you research all options available before you decide to use your
bitcoins with a physical debit card.

How to get started with bitcoin mining

Hash Rate

The first thing you need to understand when it comes to
mining is the concept of “hash rate.” The hash rate is the name given to the
mathematical data that your mining will have to solve. Each individual problem
is a hash, and the rate refers to how quickly your computer system can resolve
each hash problem. The higher the hash rate the faster your system verifies
data and the more opportunity you have to release and earn more bitcoins.

Bitcoin per block variability

Currently, every
transaction data block that is verified through mining releases 12.5 bitcoins.
The rate changes over time to allow a consistent release of bitcoins. A number of coins released per block halves at a rate of about four years.


Before we go any further into the details of bitcoin mining,
we should talk briefly about the competition factor. Bitcoin is limited to the
number of released blocks, and available hashes to solve. With no current limit
on the number of miners, that means when you start mining you will be going
against any number of other miners to secure the same transaction block.

To keep a level playing field amidst the competition the
difficulty for solving each hash increases according to the overall hash rate.
When a global hash rate is high, the difficulty increases to slow the rate at
which the blocks are unlocked. When the rate decreases, the difficulty
decreases to keep a level rate.

The competition has further increased due to mining
companies being established. Originally the mining was done by individuals at
home, but as the process has become more popular people began to set up entire
warehouses dedicated just to set up bit mining computer systems. For you,
this means that for your one computer some company has an entire server
dedicated to trying to run the transaction verification.

Fortunately, the bitcoin system has evolved to balance the
accessibility of bitcoins blocks. The current system has users share credit for
each block mined. So, basically, you are put on a team of miners working on a
single block. Upon successful decoding, the bit pot is shared amongst the group.
Granted, a company may have more members on the team than you do, but at least
you aren’t being shut out of the process altogether.

Starting your own mining

If you are interested in striking out on your own and
turning your home office into a digital mine you will need specialized
hardware, software, and an understanding of the investment costs. One of the
chief operating costs of having your own mining is the cost of electricity.

Obviously, the CPU you will be using needs electricity,
which you will have to pay out of your pocket to maintain. Mining bitcoins can
help you make money as you buy and trade services and coins, but like any
business, you need to weigh the cost of just the electricity to how much
potential income you can generate. Mining bitcoin isn’t a get the rich quick game,
and this is just one of several real costs to becoming a bitcoin miner.
Generally, unless you have access to inexpensive electricity that can handle a
mining system, bit mining for profit isn’t the best way to go.


As bitcoin mining has grown more popular the technology has
changed as well. Early on, almost any computer with excess processing power
could be used for mining. Now, miners are required to purchase specialized CPUs
called ASIC bitcoin miners.

ASIC miners are an evolution from the practice of using
graphics cards to power the hash processing. Essentially ASIC miners are built
solely for bit mining. The hardware is designed to be able to handle a large
dedicated load of data, and process the data as quickly as possible. ASIC’s are
divided into categories and prices based on their hash rate, and the amount of
electricity they consume. You can pick up and ASIC miner starting at about 4650
THB, and spend as much as 99626 THB.

Two of the top-rated ASIC miners are the Antminer S5, and
the Antminer S7. Both of these units offer a good hash rate and good
electrical efficiency. They also have a lower entry purchase price, 4650 THB
and 16272 THB respectively, so if you are looking to set up your own bitcoin
mining business, these are good options.

Mining Software

If you want to go the route of being your own miner, you
will need to invest in purchasing mining software. Like your wallet, the
software is what allows your hardware to connect to the Bitcoin servers, and
access the data of the blockchain.

The software is also designed to monitor your hardware, and keep
you up to date on temperature, hash rate, cooling fan speeds, and efficiency of
your bit mining operations. The software is made by different developers and
is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Getting the right software can make
bit mining more efficient, and much easier to manage. Some of the highest rated
software suites are CGMiner, BFGMiner, and EasyMiner.

Cloud Mining

Another option to get involved in bitcoin mining is to
purchase a contract with a cloud mining service. The cloud mining allows you to
get involved in earning bitcoins without actually purchasing mining equipment.
The gist is that you are investing in a mining center that handles all the
physical logistics. Users have three options to get involved with Cloud mining:

Lease a mining machine that is hosted by a
provider. You pay to have a machine dedicated to mine just for you, without
having the machine in your home.

Virtual hosting gives you the opportunity to
create a private virtual server. This server can handle the software needed to
mine. You manage the server, but the physical equipment is out of your control

You can lease processing power dedicated to
increasing hash rate. This is similar to leasing a mining machine, but you are
just investing in the processing power instead of a physical setup.

Cloud mining can be a great option to become a miner without
requiring a significant financial or physical investment. However, because of
the ease of fabricating a cloud mining company, there is any number of
fraudulent systems flying around cyberspace that can easily trap you and steal
your money. Do your research, thoroughly, to make sure you don’t get caught.
Some of the more reputable companies are; Hashflare, Genesis Mining, Hashing
24, and Minex.

Buying Ethereum

While Bitcoin is the largest form of cryptocurrency in the
world, it is not the only option. Ethereum is a similar blockchain based
platform that relies on users trading the currency for good and services. Ether
is the name of the individual currency of Ethereum and can be mined and
purchased just like bitcoin.

Though it is smaller than Bitcoin, this platform allows
users to get involved in the mining, development, and use of the international
cryptocurrency system.